Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Educating the Net Generation

Educating the Net Generation : How to Engage Students in the 21st Century. - Bob Pletka ,Ed.D. published by Santa Monica Press
Describes how the educational needs of the Net Generation differ from their Generation X parents and baby boomer grandparents and discusses ways to minimize the increasing dropout rate and student disengagement.
In this little book Bob Pletka opens a baby boomer teacher eyes so that I was enabled to see the huge gulf that exists between these generations. I think it should be essential reading for every educator of young adults on the planet.

Bob describes how he used his “My So-called Digital Life” project to engage students who had become totally switched off by the current educational system.
The book provides an insightful examination of the reasons for recent increases in student dropout rates and disengagement from school learning it also challenges parents and educators to create a learning environment that is relevant, connected to society, and meaningful in the context of the 21st century.

In an appendix at the back of the book he provides two surveys. If you are a parent I dare you to try them they will open your eyes too. If you are an educator then check his inventory for teachers. Even is you only implement some of his ideas I am sure your students will appreciate it.

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